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Wikinomics: How companies become successful

This week in class, we discussed the theory behind Wikinomics (Yes that’s right, I Wikipedia-ed Wikinomics), a book written by by Don Tapscott and Anthony D. Williams.

Basically, Wikinomics can be broken up into four main principles in which enterprises can become successful through their online presence through mass collaboration (exploiting the mass online social community). Below is my breakdown of these four ideas in a few short sentences (thanks to the guys at TechTarget):

  1. Openness: having open content to readers/consumers but also having financial transparency and an open attitude towards resources, ideas, concepts and knowledge.
  2. Peering: Having a collaborative environment where peers interact with each other (p2p)
  3. Sharing: Sharing of products, intellectual property, knowledge, and ideas.
  4. Acting Globally: embracing globalization and ignoring any ‘physical/geographical’ boundaries that individuals may have during interaction.

So what do these ideas mean for the world’s enterprises? Let’s have a look at a couple companies that are using these concepts and how they are becoming ever so successful.


(Image courtesy of Engadget)

Paradoxically, one of the most secretive companies in the world when it comes to new product releases, Apple is actually more open than it seems at first glance. Openness can be seen through sharing and collaboration as Fox points out, such as their API where they have allowed consumers and software developers to build applications on apple platforms. This opened up the world of application designers and is where we get our great apps today. As a result of this, many innovative applications have been released, and consumers are consistently downloading more and more applications.

Furthermore, through the use of apple forums, rating systems on products/apps, (and even the brand itself) users have been collaborating and sharing thoughts, ideas, and opinions on products and services. Sharing of information (such as software development kits) of their application interfaces has promoted developers to work together (collaborate) and to rely on each other’s knowledge and learning from other application designs.

In addition to this, Apple’s strong consumer community creates a peered/shared environment. For example, if I like an apple product, then there is a chance that I might recommend it to my friends or family, or if I like an app, I might give it a good rating or review so that others can be more contentious when downloading new applications. Consequently, this feedback from users has transformed the way in which Apple has designed/marketed its products, such as realizing the potential for the iPhone IOS (iPhone operating system) to be incorporated in their design of their computing Mountain Lion OS.

Acting globally, has been one of Apple’s strong suits, their online presence as well as their great retail reputation has allowed people from all over the world to purchase items online with great ease and satisfaction (not to mention the free shipping that arrives within a few business days). The apple cult online has also strengthened Apple as a brand, with websites and other blogging sites such as MacRumors or Gizmodo to share ideas and thoughts on Apple.

This is Wikinomics at work, allowing Apple to be continuously innovative in their products.


(Image courtesy of Bodybuilding.com)

Perhaps less known to people outside of the body building community, Bodybuilding.com came to fame with the help of their open forum, where users in a peer to peer environment are free to ask questions and review products, training techniques etc. Their online store, similarly set up to Amazon allows users to openly critique products and place ratings and reviews. By acting globally, this online bodybuilding community has attracted a wide audience, where their strong online presence, has allowed them to develop their brand and deliver their goods internationally.

Furthermore, with frequent articles and advice given on their website, the sharing of ideas and knowledge has maintained their strong customer base, creating an arena where people can learn from each other, an innovative form of supplement shopping combined with training advice forum.

Through this interactivity online whilst providing a large cyber store for goods has allowed the website to grown over 25000 pages and has allowed them to be ranked the no. 1 most visited bodybuilding and fitness website in the world (source: http://www.bodybuilding.com/fun/comp.htm).

Final thoughts

It is clear that Enterprises that have realized the need to leverage the power of wider-reaching collaborative environments can allow for further innovation and knowledge attainment. Through the ideas prescribed in Wikinomics, users are quickly growing to vast numbers allowing for market penetration to be achieved at an increasingly fast rate globally.

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My thoughts on blogging and my Personal Strategy for developing a digital brand

Hi Guys,

Welcome to my first blog!

Just to give you a brief intro, my name is Xavier Wong and I am currently studying my Masters of IT at QUT (Queensland University of Technology). Currently enrolled in Enterprise 2.0, this unit has given me the opportunity to experience and explore the world of social media and blogging.
My first entry is about what I would like to achieve with my blog, what makes blogs successful, my own favourite blogs, as well as my own personal strategy on how to increase my readership.

Let me start off on why I want to start blogging (apart from passing this subject, haha). From a young age I have always been a people person, and always enjoyed meeting new people and engaging in conversations, but as time passed I found that with study, work and being in a committed relationship, meant that finding time meeting people in person has become difficult. The interaction that occurs as a result of social media such as Facebook (yes feel free to add me 😛 ) or even mobile applications such as Whatsapp, became a perfect way for me to communicate with my friends without losing touch. Whether commuting on the bus or walking from point A or B, I could always start a conversation, pick-up from a conversation at any time, without a necessary time constraint.

Here is where blogging comes in.

The thought occurred to me that I could set aside a few moments each week to express my ideas and opinions and sharing my experiences/knowledge with the greater community (yes, that’s you world) whether it was of my latest overseas adventure or latest dining experience. I see blogging as a personal tool, a way to develop my own digital identity and a way for me to reflect on stories and thoughts, as well as becoming a better writer and having my voice heard. On top of this, building my own reputation as a blogger and building online relationships is a great way to meet and read more about other people’s experiences.

But to do this, I have developed my own personal strategy to increase my blog audience:

  1.  Post frequently, whether daily or weekly, make sure that my blog is up to date and that I reply to messages or posts as frequently as I can to ensure that the interaction is maintained between my readers.
  2. Persistently comment and raise discussion. By sparking conversation, on both mine and other blogs can allow for my posts/comments to captivate readers, and therefore increase my blog follow-ship.
  3. Reviewing and reading other blogs and seeing what works well for other people/communities.
  4. Connecting with other people, subscribe and follow other blogs.
  5. Promoting my blog, through other social media such as Facebook or twitter, or even friends and family.
  6. Asking for help! To not be afraid to make mistakes and ask for help, at work I have started talking to two avid bloggers, and I am making an effort to learn from them.

To finish off I would like to repost a couple of the blogs that I like and why I like them:

(Image courtesy of thedhaus)


With over 2 million visits a month, it’s a no brainer that these guys are definitely doing something right! With my love of design, I love how simple the layout is of this blog, and how it always has captivating and expressive imagery/photography. With informative posts (on the articulation of the design) and tonnes of pictures, you can view these designs all day, and see what others have to say. Design is always subjective so it’s always interesting to see the often controversies online.

(Image courtesy of Gizmodo)


What can be more fitting than a blog about my other passion of gadgets and technology. Gizmodo always has posts on the latest products and the inside’s (sometimes pure gossip or hearsay, but other times spot on), you can count on these guys having an opinion on this season’s most wanted items. I love how this website informs consumers on pros and cons, what to look out for, how to be prepared and when products are to be released. The conversations that spark as a result of this often can lead to other questions or even solutions/difficulties, and often informs me enough to make an opinion of my own (this is especially great if I am thinking of purchasing a particular product).

Thanks for reading guys.

Please like and comment, I’d like to meet you guys online and to share our thoughts!

See you soon.


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